China-Singapore Bilateral Aviation Forum Convened Successfully

22 Feb 2024 | IAGA First Conference

On February 22nd, the China-Singapore Bilateral Aviation Forum was successfully convened, jointly organized by CSAA, the Singapore Aerospace Association, and Experia Events. It was supported by the International Association for Green Aviation (IAGA), the CSAA Shanghai Membership Station, and the Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, with Shanghai Guangyao Business Consulting Co., Ltd. serving as the organizer.

China-Singapore Bilateral Aviation Forum Convened Successfully, on February 22nd, 2024.


YAO Junchen, CSAA Vice President, Secretary-General, and founding member of IAGA, delivered the opening remarks. CSAA has jointly initiated IAGA with over 50 domestic and international organizations and individuals to advance aviation sustainability through technological progress and global cooperation.

YAO Junchen delivered opening remarks at the forum on February 22nd, 2024.


Wong Yue Jeen, President of the Singapore Aerospace Association, stated that tremendous cooperation potential exists between China and Singapore. CSAA plays a crucial role in driving the development of China's and global aviation science and industry. Over the next decade, China and the Asia-Pacific region will become the center of commercial aviation, leading the industry's development and fundamentally reshaping its ecosystem. Consequently, Singapore welcomes CSAA's green aviation initiatives to transform China and the Asia-Pacific into a center for sustainable aerospace growth.

Following the opening ceremony, experts and scholars from China and Singapore delivered thematic reports across various domains.

The CSAA delegation and representatives in Singapore on February 22nd, 2024.


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