Discussion of the Standards System for Sustainable Aviation Fuels: An Aero-Engine Safety Perspective

Chenyu Gan, Qinglin Ma, Shengyu Bao, Xinming Wang, Tian Qiu, Shuiting Ding
Sustainability  •  Volume 15 (2023)   FEATURED BOOK
Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are considered an important solution for reducing carbon emissions. Safety is the most important prerequisite for a new fuel to be used in an aero-engine. As a special component in aero-engines, fuel is required to comply with both airworthiness and technical standards. These two types of standard work together to guide SAF development. In this paper, the SAF safety issues related to aero-engines are first analyzed. Subsequently, SAF-related standard systems are analyzed in detail, and the different safety responsibilities of airworthiness authorities and industry associations are explained. Moreover, the relationships between airworthiness and technical standards are determined from the perspective of actual SAF certification. Furthermore, the revision of the standards is reviewed to summarize the historical evolution and outline the revision intention. Finally, the future SAF certification standards are discussed and prospected, including the blending ratio, property specifications, and testing equipment. According to the discussion, increased safety and fewer constraints are the principal objectives for the development of SAF standards. Analysis, review, and discussion of the SAF standards systems from an aero-engine safety perspective will contribute to the establishment of the next generation of standards to release the fuel potential and improve safety.
sustainable aviation fuel; fuel assessment; aero-engine; certification standard; airworthiness
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